Africa Geology basemap Textured with Hillshade derived from SRTM

Size on disk: 86 MB
Geo-reference datum: WGS84
Image format: Georefrenced PNG

Download link:

Data Sources:

  • Continental Area: AFR CGMW-BRGM 1:10M Geological units.
  • Oceanic Crust domains: AFR CGMW-BRGM 1:10M Oceanic crust &
  • Oceanic domain. Oceanic Crust structure: AFR CGMW-BRGM 1:10M Oceanic faults.
  • Oceanic Crust Geology: World CGMW 1:50M Geological Units Offshore.
  • Imagery: World Imagery basemap.

Watch (4K / 360° preview) on YouTube:

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