Sentinel-5P data now available to download

A precursor satellite mission, Sentinel-5P aims to fill in the data gap and provide data continuity between the retirement of the Envisat satellite and NASA’s Aura mission and the launch of Sentinel-5. The mission will perform atmospheric monitoring and was launched in October 2017.

The TROPOMI instrument is a space-borne, nadir-viewing, imaging spectrometer covering wavelength bands between the ultraviolet and the shortwave infrared.The instrument, the single payload of the Sentinel-5P spacecraft, uses passive remote sensing techniques to attain its objective by measuring, at the Top Of Atmosphere (TOA), the solar radiation reflected by and radiated from the earth.The instrument operates in a push-broom configuration (non-scanning), with a swath width of ~2600 km on the Earth’s surface. The typical pixel size (near nadir) will be 7×3.5 km2 for all spectral bands, with the exception of the UV1 band (7×28 km2) and SWIR bands (7×7 km2).

Download Sentinel-5P data here:

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