Tut4: Add Web Map Services (WMS) to Global Mapper

In this tutorial we’ll show how to add new online sources of different web map services (WMS) to global mapper software to be amended with program default online data sources.

(Enable CC caption for English subtitles).

Watch Previous global mapper tutorilas from here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDVAhbLthqp0eg9E1ibmY-TVqzpFdd8GW

Links of WMS used in tutorial:

World geology 50m: http://mapsref.brgm.fr/wxs/1GG/CGMW_Bedrock_and_Structural_Geology?

Africa geology 10m: http://mapsref.brgm.fr/wxs/1GG/IGC35_CGMW_BRGM_Africa_Geology?


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