Cloudless Landsat-8 mosaic 2019 for North West Africa

This Landsat-8 mosaic cover the following countries; Tunisia, Algeria and North of Morocco

  • Band Composite: 7/5/3 in RGB
  • Pansharpened with panchromatic Band 8
  • Resolution: 15 meter / Pixel
  • Acquisition Dates: Summer of 2019
  • Cloud Cover: < 2%
  • Coordinate System: Geographic WGS1984
  • Format: ECW
  • Compression Ratio: 10:1
  • Size after unzip: 972 MB
After download data unzip compressed folder then open data in any GIS software as following:
- Open file with extension ERS in ArcMap.
- Open file with extension ECW in Global Mapper, ERDAS, ENVI or QGIS.
- Open file with extension TAB in MapInfo. 

See the following screenshot from enhanced product

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