Sentinel-1 mosaic for North & Middle Eastern Desert of Egypt

  • Raw data: Sentinel 1A & 1B Level-1 product IW_GRD
  • Pass: Ascending
  • Polarization: VV & VH
  • Band Composite: VH/VV/VH+VV in RGB
  • Resolution: 10 meter / Pixel
  • Acquisition Dates: May 2020
  • Coordinate System: Geographic WGS1984
  • Format: ECW
  • Size after unzip: 378 MB


  • Speckle Filtering Lee Sigma (7×7)
  • RangeDoppler Terrain Correction
  • Band Combination
  • Mosaicking

Main Applications:
Using the sentinel-1 (C-band) SAR imagery penetration property it could be very useful for structure geology interpretations, automatically extract geological lineaments and extract the palaeochannel.

After download data unzip compressed folder then open data in any GIS software as following:
- Open file with extension ERS in ArcMap.
- Open file with extension ECW in Global Mapper, ERDAS, ENVI or QGIS.
- Open file with extension TAB in MapInfo. 

See the following screenshot from enhanced product

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  1. I am Geologist from sri lanka, I am interested to earn this geology extraction using remote sensing data

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