Copernicus DEM30 meter available now for free

In Jan 2021 ESA announced that, in addition to the Copernicus Digital Elevation Model (DEM) GLO-90 released in December 2019, the access rights for the Copernicus DEM with global coverage at 30 meter resolution (GLO-30) have now been extended and the dataset is openly available to any registered user.

This new dataset is considered the most recent and highly accurate open source digital elevation model, with the following accuracy:

Absolute Vertical Accuracy:

  • < 4m (90% linear error)

Relative Vertical Accuracy:

  • < 2m for slopes below or equal 20%;
  • < 4m for slopes above 20%
  • (90% linear point-to-point error within an area of 1° x 1°)

Absolute Horizontal Accuracy:

  • < 6m (90% circular error)
Copernicus DEM data at the three available spatial resolutions: 10m (left), 30m (center) and 90m (right) _ image courtesy to ESA

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The two instances of the Copernicus DEM GLO-30 dataset are currently accessible via both FTP and Panda catalogue under dataset names COP-DEM_GLO-30-DTED-PUBLIC and COP-DEM_GLO-30-DGED-PUBLIC respectively. A simple registration is needed (see Registration guidelines).
Image show the tiles that covering Egypt

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