Egypt Copernicus Digital Elevation model (1 Arc-Second)

ESA recently released the free digital elevation model Copernicus DEM with global coverage at 30 meter resolution (GLO-30)

We collect 135 (1°x1°) tiles that covering Egypt and mosaic the datasets in one GeoTiff

  • Spatial Resolution: 1 arcsecond / Pixel
  • Coordinate System: Geographic WGS1984
  • Format: GeoTiff
  • Size after unzip: 1.86 GB

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"produced using products © DLR e.V. _ (2014-2018) and © Airbus Defence and Space GmbH _ (2021) provided under COPERNICUS by the European Union and ESA, all rights reserved”

Some screenshot for the colored Hillshade derived from the final product

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