Amazing database for most of remote sensing indices in one place

The IDB index database include great collection for most of the popular indices applied in different applications and different sensors in one place, with easily navigate, query and search by sensor or application.

On this site you find a database of remote sensing indices and satellite sensors. Available bands of sensors are linked with required wavelenghts of indices, so that one can get all sensors usable for calculating an index and vice versa one can find all indices that can be calculated by data from a specific sensor. In the index formula wavelengths are substituted by corresponding sensor bands. Furthermore index and sensor data is enriched by applications and bibliografic references.


Conceptualized and realized by Verena Henrich, Gunther Krauss, Christian Götze and Christopher Sandow.

Data list for 43 different application
Data list include 167 available sensors

2 thoughts on “Amazing database for most of remote sensing indices in one place

  1. A wonderful effort from which all researchers benefit – thank you very much

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